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Tabs In Progress
1 December 2008, admin @ 2:02 pm

I’ve got quite a few tabs in progress that I’m not very happy with.  Here’s a list of some that might be done in the next few months:

African Flower by Duke Ellington
Moment’s Notice by John Coltrane
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Joe Zawinul
Canteloupe Island by Herbie Hancock
Juicy Lucy by Horace Silver
Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel
I’ve Got It Bad, and That Ain’t Good by Duke Ellington

Also, I might start revising some old tabs, too.  Stay tuned!

Forward Motion
26 November 2008, admin @ 2:58 pm

forwardmotion.jpgThis is a book by Hal Galper that I’ve been getting into lately. The subtitle is: From Bach to Bebop – A Corrective Approach to Jazz Phrasing. I really feel my jazz lines have improved since reading this and working on some of the exercises. The book concentrates on the importance of chord tones, tension and release, how to treat the “one”, etc., etc. There’s also a lot of philosophy on hearing, practicing, rhythm, swing, etc. Highly recommended…check it out!

Little Sunflower
18 November 2008, admin @ 3:09 pm

sunflower.jpgI just discovered this song. There’s a cool vocalese version that Al Jarreau sings on. Please check the tab pages for my arrangement. The parts that say “D Lydian” and “Eb Lydian” can obviously be improvised on with various modal chords. Check it out!

Now’s the Time
14 November 2008, admin @ 12:30 pm

jazz-guitar.jpgI haven’t had time to do many arrangements lately…but I did finish this tune. Please check the appropriate pages. I need to transcribe more blues heads like this. It’s nice to be able to play a riff/melody over the blues instead of just improv. I think it keeps the listener more interested, too. I’ve got some more tabs on the backburner and I’ll try to get to them soon. :-)

Sweet Lorraine
16 August 2008, admin @ 12:27 pm

lorraine1.jpgThis is a song I’ve heard Joe Pass and Martin Taylor do before. My arrangement is a simplified version. Please check out the PDF and Powertab page. I think it’s a cool melody. Hope everyone is having a good summer!

Bleak and Divine and Joe Pass
1 July 2008, admin @ 11:55 am

guitar.gifThere’s a guy on YouTube who has recorded a bunch of examples from a Joe Pass book. The selections include soloing over “rhythm changes”, as well as various blues progressions. I found the book and tabbed out one of the examples…please check the Licks/Phrases/Chords link.
By the way, I saw Return to Forever and it was awesome! :-)

30 May 2008, admin @ 1:45 pm

witchcraft.jpgI’ve been a SLACKER lately…I got a request for the song Witchcraft, so here it is(check the tabs pages). The person also made me aware of Tony Pulizzi’s YouTube videos.
I might be doing a little recording soon. Nothing major….just getting a few tunes up with some improv.

Jake Reichbart
2 April 2008, admin @ 2:26 pm

jake.jpgI stumbled across this guy on YouTube recently. His name is Jake Reichbart and he is based out of Michigan. He’s got a bunch of fingerstyle videos that are reminiscent of Tuck Andress. He’s got very good rhythm and technique, as well as great arrangements. Plus, he’s playing a lot of 70′s material. :-) Check it out!

Tom Lippincott
25 March 2008, admin @ 1:47 pm

tom.jpgThis is a plug for Tom Lippincott’s site and its articles. The essay entitled “The Big Three Progressions” is very interesting. I read it a few times before it started making sense, though. :-) He also has a breakdown of the Coltrane Matrix under “Giant Steps”, which is very helpful. Also, listen to Tom’s playing on Green Dolphin Street in the demos section. AMAZING fingerstyle chops! Check it out!

John Stowell book
20 March 2008, admin @ 2:10 pm

stowell.jpgThis is basically an overview of John Stowell’s book: Jazz Guitar Mastery. I don’t own this yet, but I’m thinking of checking it out. I like how the melodic minor subs are arranged by varying tensions. This (paraphrased)sentence really stood out to me: “The altered scale is ubiquitous in modern jazz and has perhaps achieved over-use as a ‘go-to’ scale for altered chords.” I think this is interesting because it took me a long time to get use to way the altered scale sounded. But now that I use it and hear it all the time with other players, it doesn’t sound as “out” as it once did. I also think some of those other choices could really highlight a particular interval that you were targeting.

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