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Music Links Part II
17 January 2008, admin @ 4:49 pm

Modal Jazz is the name and emphasis of this site. This type of jazz is a great gateway for the rocker, who wants to learn more about jazz. Improvisers of all levels can really sink their teeth into songs like Impressions and So What.

Acoustic Fingerstyle is a treasure trove of arrangements and transcriptions from a variety of players. My favorites are from Yves Keroas. This guy has hunderds of arrangements of well known songs and his originals are cool, too.

This is the Ouside Shore Music Jazz Improvisation Primer by Marc Sabatella.  There’s all kinds of theory stuff here. I like the chapter about “Playing Changes”.

This is a link to some study aids on Pat Martino’s site. There are analyses of Giant Steps, Lazy Bird and Minority by Pat.

I don’t know anything about gospel music, but I like the blues quality in some of those older songs. This is a list of chord prorgessions from Learn Gospel Music’s site.

Here’s some jazz chord charts and MIDI from Real Book’s site.

Here’s some cool lessons from Frogstory Records.  Just click on “Guitar Lessons” over on the left side.

I don’t play mandolin, but I thought this site was cool and had some interesting advice on it. I’ll head you over to the tips and tricks area at, but check out the rest of the site, too

Check out Tomas Howie’s drumming site. I ended up here by looking for drum patterns/rhythms for prog rock.  He’s got some examples of Bill Bruford and Alan White’s styles, which is useful when I need to program my drum machine.  :-)

Check out Steven Ravitz’ site. He has a few essays on theory and technique that are interesting.

Jeff Brent’s free lesson page has what he calls the “definitive Giant Steps analysis”. Worth checking out.

Here is a cool article on modal pentatonics by Eric Vandenberg. Don’t forget to check out Steve Kahn’s book about pentatonics, too. There’s a link on my book page.

Here is a neat article on metronome techniques by John Horne.

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  1. Dennis — July 10, 2008 @ 7:31 am

    What? No mention of Band In A Box?? Probably, the greatest music software for all instruments! Check it out at PG Music. Then join the Yahoo BIAB Group and access thousands of free jazz songs in biab format (midi) and the printable/downloadable charts. I have no commercial interest in BIAB but this is a most excellent way to practice and write your music. Many musicians actually perform live using BIAB as their backup band.

  2. Aaron — October 15, 2008 @ 2:19 pm


    I’ve been trying to find some sites that have any free jazz playalongs but I can’t find any good ones. I need something to practice 251 progressions, jazz blues etc etc. Any tips?

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