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17 September 2007, admin @ 1:31 pm

One of my favorite sites on the web is All Things Emily. A treasure trove of information about Emily Remler with links to some outstanding videos. A lot of TLC has been put into this site and it shows!

Check out Eric Skye . He’s a fingerstyle jazz guitarist in Portland, Oregon. You can get his cds at CD Baby .

Metronome Online I use this when I’ve misplaced my metronome!

Ralph Patt’s Vanilla Book Cool site with the vanilla changes for a bunch of standards.

Good ‘ol YouTube, of course.

Steve Kahn’s site has some cool transcriptions he’s done. Check out his books, while you’re there.

Check out Howard Morgen. He’s a great player and has a bunch of cool books.

Check out Jody Fisher. I’m not that familiar with his playing, but his books are fantastic.

The one and only Tuck Andress Reckless Precision is awesome! Also, check out his fingerstyle video…amazing and informative.

Another guy who had great books was Ted Greene. Rest in peace.

All Music is a great reference. The reviews are really well done. They’ve done their homework, for sure.

This is the first online tuner I used.

Acoustic Power! Lots of fingerstyle transcriptions here. How could I forget these guys! They have a strict submission process, which yields very accurate tabs.

User Compositon Archive I already plugged this on the front page, but here it is again.

Victor Saumarez is on YouTube, but his site is very cool. Check out his arrangements at the bottom of his page.

I’m not sure what this guy’s full name is, but he’s got a lot of fingerstyle arrangements for guitar.

Check out Mick Goodrick. I haven’t checked out his new books, but The Advancing Guitarist is a classic.

Once again, Brad Larsen’s free Power Tab Editor

Tony Johnson’s Space Tornado! He’s a co-worker of mine, who has developed a couple of useful apps.  Check ‘em out!

This is a cool site that has a Charlie Christian tutorial.  Basically, it has thoughts on how Christian improvised with an emphasis on chord shapes as a springboard.

John Amato’s site has some chord melodies in PDF format. Also, there is quite a bit of instructional material. is a really neat site. It has overviews of all the great jazz songs.  There’s also a list of the most popular jazz standards to perform. This is an interesting list that someone might use to pick some more obscure tunes to arrange or to jam on.

Brent Stuntzner’s page has quite a few transcriptions that he’s done.  Most of the greats seem to be on there somewhere.

Here’s some Mahavishnu Orchestra transcriptions that I came across awhile back.  I like that the drum scores are on these, so you can kind of figure out what Billy Cobham was doing on the tracks.

Here’s the free jazz handbook from Jamey Abersold.

This Lick by Neck software has been showing up on YouTube a lot lately. Kind of a neat idea and they have many Ted Greene transcriptions from his solo album.

The aforementioned site turned me on to Paul Ponnudorai. I don’t own this yet, but it sounds amazing.

This is a cool jazz site called the Hard Bop homepage.

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