Chord melody arrangements and more.
Mr. Joe Pass at your service
8 February 2010, admin @ 12:13 pm

Some hot playing by Mimi Fox
4 February 2010, admin @ 8:51 am

A jazzy take on the Fab Four
2 February 2010, admin @ 8:50 am

beatlesWow…another cool transcription from Mr. Al Owens!  This time we have Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles.  Click here for the PDF and here for the MP3. I urge other people to send in their arrangements, also. Thanks!
Maybe this will get me off my butt and finish the tunes I have on the backburner.  Maybe 🙂

New guest transcription
1 February 2010, admin @ 9:42 am

gibson_es-175_jazz_guitar1Greetings and sorry for the delayed post! Thanks for visiting my website and checking out the tunes. Mr. Al Owens has been gracious enough to offer his arrangement of The Shadow of Your Smile. Click here for the PDF and here for the MP3.

The Incredible Jake Reichbart
23 May 2009, admin @ 7:16 pm

Long Ago and Far Away
12 March 2009, admin @ 6:55 pm

Greetings. I tried to do a simple arrangement where the bass notes were always on 1 and 3 and the interior of the chord was on 2 and 4. Then the simple melody sits on top. There’s not a lot of syncopation, but it really makes you play like a metronome….your thumb especially.

Sorry for the downtime this weekend/week…
18 February 2009, admin @ 1:27 pm

…the infallible Linux was having some issues 🙂

Not much going on…I’ve gotten some requests lately that I’ve been playing around with.  A few of them are ballads, which I always seem to have a tough time with.  Playing a ballad with a rubato feel is one thing, but having it quantized(?) on a program like Powertab is another.  Obviously, any arrangement can be interpreted, but it would be nice if they didn’t sound so choppy on the midi playback.

I’m also still really digging that Earl Klugh album that is mentioned below.  I bought Martin Taylor In Concert at the same time and it’s very good, although I tend to gravitate towards Sketches: A Tribute to Art Tatum.  Sketches is one of Martin’s earliest solo albums.  His fingerstyle playing is more refined now, but he is really going for it on some of the songs on this.  Check out Blues for Mr. T and Don’t Get Around Much Anymore for some great off-the-cuff playing.

Earl Klugh-Solo Guitar
2 February 2009, admin @ 9:07 pm

earl.jpgI downloaded this album from iTunes and I’m really impressed by it.  I never realized what an artist this guy is.  Some standouts are I’m Confessin’, Any Old Time of Day and Embraceable You.  If anyone has heard his second solo album, Naked Guitar, please let me know how it compares.  Thanks!

Cantaloupe Island
12 December 2008, admin @ 1:39 pm

canta.jpgJust finished Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock.  I’m not quite sure if I harmonized the melody right, but it sounds pretty close.  The groove is there, at least.  If you have a better way, please let me know and I’ll put it in the “guest transcriptions”.  Thanks!

Jason Lyon’s Website
12 December 2008, admin @ 12:48 pm

jason.jpegThis guy is a jazz pianist who has a bunch of great material on his site.  He has a breakdown of Coltrane’s famous “substitution” tunes: Moment’s Notice, Lazy Bird, Giant Steps, and Countdown. There are also articles on pentatonics, fourth voicings, etc. There are two books for sale, too. The one about hexatonics sounds quite interesting…check it out!

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